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Sandragrace Martinez 

for Texas Land Commissioner

Press Release

On December 13, 2021, Sandra Grace Martinez filed the required documents to become a political Candidate with the Democratic Party of Texas, running for the State-wide position of Commission of General Land Office (“GLO”), encouraged by many friends in political positions within Texas. The Authorities and duties of that position are stated in the Texas Natural Resources Code, CHAPTER 31. Sandragrace Martinez meets the requirements for that Public Office and comes with academic standing and diplomas in clinical Mental-Health, 20 years running for Municipal Offices and political networking within San Antonio, Texas, and brings Psychology and Zoom expertise that would be critical in leading the current staff and Boards at the GLO, so they operate efficiently and with good will. In addition, Sandragrace was one of only twelve students chosen to receive the first coveted Gregory Luna Fellow and Scholar award, which was created to recruit high academically proven students with the opportunities to work at the Texas Legislature ground floor, processing Bills of interest to the Texas Democratic Party and Democrat legislators.

Sandragrace is a kind, compassionate born leader, with many friends. People respond positively to her, therefore. The GLO has its mandates and Boards, but also has some discretion as to the use, sale, or purchase of State lands. Sandragrace believes that more can be done to increase the GLO’s yearly revenue, to benefit Veterans, Primary and Secondary Public Education, protection of the environment on the Coastal Plain, the Rio Grande and wherever there is still State Land within Texas, by working with the other Executive offices of Texas, to improve the lives of Texans in every County.

Presently, Sandragrace is a Candidate in the General Primary under a Democratic Party Ticket. She expects to at least get into the Run-Off. The Commission of General Land Office is perhaps the easiest of the 5 State-wide Executive offices (Governorship, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Land Commission, and the Railroad Commissioners) that the Democratic Party can orchestrate to win over, considering the large percentage of Hispanic voters in Texas. Sandragrace is authentically Spanish-English bilingual, 2nd generation Hispanic, and a highly educated woman from a family that through steadfast frugality, hard labor, much collaboration, and networking rose from poverty to owning some land on the West Side of San Antonio, Texas over a lifetime of effort. That is the Texan way to prosperity and helping others achieve the same. 

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The men and women who enlist into our armed services have given the utmost commitment to this country with the understanding that they may pay the ​ultimate price in the protection of our country. It is essential that we honor that level of devotion with the same allegiance to their care and benefits as veterans. They are the true patriots of this country, and in the State of Texas we will honor their service with the proper gratitude.

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First Responders and Disaster Readiness

A robust plan of action for disaster relief and readiness is paramount for the state of Texas. We must equip our Fire Fighters and First Responders with the manpower, necessary tools, and technology to do their jobs effectively. Due to an increase in weather temperatures and rising sea levels along the Texas coastline, the frequency and severity of natural disasters will increase and have a greater impact on our infrastructure and our communities. We need to equip our Fire Fighters and First Responders properly, so that our citizens are not left vulnerable to the elements caused by these growing natural disasters.

Sandragrace files for Texas Land Commissioner, First Responders and Disaster Relief, Education, Texas energy,


The funding for our children's education is a priority that we cannot undervalue. The desire for every parent is for their children to acquire a strong educational foundation, so that our children can compete effectively as they enter the corporate world. It is not impossible to provide our children with the necessary funding to develop a comprehensive approach to learning. We can do better at funding our Texas schoolchildren, because we can do better at funding our schools. Let's make this a priority and figure out a way together. 

Sandragrace files for Texas Land Commissioner, First Responders and Disaster Relief, Education, Texas energy,

Energize Our Economics 

In order for Texas to sustain our economic strength and leadership in energy, it is essential that we maintain the industries, communities, and more importantly the workers that have forged the success of our Texas economy for all these years. If we plan to sustain our leadership role into the future, we must also develop innovative strategies to diversify our energy options with emerging technologies. We can build a bridge into the future and ensure that we provide educational opportunities to secure career paths for our traditional workers, so that we always maintain the hard working ethics of that workforce, and that they benefit first from any gradual transition that's implemented.