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Sandragrace Martinez is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from U.T.S.A., She earned her Master's degree at Saint Mary's University in Marriage and Family Therapy, emphasizing Systems Theory. To learn more about Sandragrace Martinez, and why she's the best candidate for City Council District 7, click the button below.  


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Respect and Integrity.

A Humbling Moment with History. 

Sharing an awarded ceremony and being recognized by our community is always a special feeling. Being awarded in the same breath as Dr. Elizondo is a moment I will cherish forever. I have admired his community work for many years, and I respect the man and the historical context of his leadership. He is a true trailblazer in improving the lives of everyday people. The opportunities that have helped pave the way for my success, are because of people like him who had a vision for more, and the work ethic to bring people together. 

For Children and Officer Support Services.

Child Welfare Board   

As the Co-chair of the Children's Committee of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board, and the help from our community, I am proud of the work we have done with providing our police officers with Healthy Homes Initiative Bags.  These bags are filled with age-appropriate games, books, puzzles, and other toys that supply our officers with the extra tools for reducing stressful situations when children are involved in home disruptions or emergencies. We can give comfort to a child while they are experiencing something traumatic and assist our officers with another tool for protecting and serving our community. It's also an effective way to impress the perception of children who are experiencing a crisis, that an officer of the law will provide help and relief, and that will have a positive and major impact on our communities moving forward. 

Growth and Development.

S​andragrace Martinez and students from UT Austin, Saint Edwards in Austin, and Our Lady of the Lake University, presenting their finished project during the  Día De Los Muertos Ceremony Celebration in San Antonio Texas. Offering their sympathies with remembrance for the 53 Migrants that loss their lives in San Antonio down Quintana Road. 

A preview from the UT of Austin student documentary. 

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Department of Mexican American & Latina/o Studies 

  When our youth are inspired to act, it becomes important to mentor their ideas and facilitate their enthusiasm.  The students from the Department of Mexican American & Latina/o Studies Program for the University of Texas in Austin, were some of the most inspiring people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They have the hearts and minds that will make meaningful differences in world in whatever endeavor they choose to create for themselves. 

Mental health, education, and safer Communities are a measure of our values. 

Mental Health 


Safer Communities