My name is Sandragrace Martinez and I am running to be your next Democratic Nominee as Commissioner to the General Land Office (GLO).  The General Land Office is one of a narrow amount of government executive positions in Texas.  The duty of this office holder is determined by statute which the Texas Legislature delineates and not necessarily oil and gas as some may believe. See Below:

Texas Administrative Code$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=3&ti=31&pt=1

Texas Natural Resources Code$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir=&p_rloc=&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=31&pt=1&ch=3&rl=31

Texas Natural Resources Code Sec. 31.051 General Duties

The commissioner shall:

(1  )superintend, control, and direct the official conduct of subordinate officers of the land office;

(2) execute and perform all acts and other things relating to public real property of the state or rights of individuals in public real property which is required by law;

(3) make and enforce suitable rules consistent with the law; and

(4) give information when required to the governor and the legislature relating to public real property and the land office.

The Texas General Land Office primarily serves school children, veterans, and the environment of Texas, EXAMPLES BELOW:

  • The Texas Permanent School Fund (PSF) is a $48.3 billion endowment designated for the benefit of public schools, funding classrooms on a per-student basis, as well as technology and instructional materials.
  • The Veterans Land Board (VLB) offers home and home improvement loans, land loans; nine long-term care homes; four Texas State Veterans Cemeteries; the VLB Call Center and the Voices of Veterans Oral History Program.
  • The agency also manages federal disaster recovery grant funding.


I am a strong believer in the Democratic Process. For over 20 years I have participated in the legislative process at certain levels or capacity.  Assisting organizations, specifically nonprofits, in strategizing, promoting, promulgating, and providing expert testimony. I have done so at no cost.  What I witnessed many times over is our legislature strikes down bills mainly due to FISCAL NOTES or attached cost, even if the bill was necessary or in the best interest of Texans.  My reasoning for running for this specific office became more and more clear as years went by.  This office has the privilege of providing monies within its mandates yet in recent years it has failed to do so and Texans are suffering.  Under my administration I shall not withhold funds due to Texans under GLO statutes. There shall not be a compelling human need that is struck down because it has a FISCAL NOTE at the GLO. I have seen to much of this nonsense at the legislative level mainly due to partisan politics.

I am a strong believer in practicing the act of giving to society's vulnerable. As a Mental Health Clinician I understand how trauma effects children, veterans, and those effected by climate crisis.  In several cases it is not just trauma but Complex Trauma defined as a a type of trauma that occurs repeatedly and cumulatively, usually over a period of time and within specific relationships and contexts. My personal approach to serving the community is to promote meeting the basic needs of individual as to lessen the contribute to trauma. Three basic rights are paramount to have at all times not just for society's vulnerable population BUT ALL TEXANS:

  • Clean Water
  • Safe Shelter
  • Healthy Food which includes LIFE SAVING MEDICATION

Stay informed with how the campaign is going. It has been the most amazing journey and we are thankful and humbled by the generosity we've found along the way from all of the wonderful people we've met.  Vote Sandragrace Martinez for the Commission of the General Land Of​fice! 

Sandragrace files for Texas Land Commissioner, Texas Veterans,


The men and women who enlist into our armed services have given the utmost commitment to this country with the understanding that they may pay the ​ultimate price in the protection of our country. It is essential that we honor that level of devotion with the same allegiance to their care and benefits as veterans. They are the true patriots of this country, and in the State of Texas we will honor their service with the proper gratitude.

Sandragrace files for Texas Land Commissioner, First Responders and Disaster Relief, Education, Texas energy,

First Responders and Disaster Readiness

A robust plan of action for disaster relief and readiness is paramount for the state of Texas. We must equip our Fire Fighters and First Responders with the manpower, necessary tools, and technology to do their jobs effectively. Due to an increase in weather temperatures and rising sea levels along the Texas coastline, the frequency and severity of natural disasters will increase and have a greater impact on our infrastructure and our communities. We need to equip our Fire Fighters and First Responders properly, so that our citizens are not left vulnerable to the elements caused by these growing natural disasters.

Sandragrace files for Texas Land Commissioner, First Responders and Disaster Relief, Education, Texas energy,


The funding for our children's education is a priority that we cannot undervalue. The desire for every parent is for their children to acquire a strong educational foundation, so that our children can compete effectively as they enter the corporate world. It is not impossible to provide our children with the necessary funding to develop a comprehensive approach to learning. We can do better at funding our Texas schoolchildren, because we can do better at funding our schools. Let's make this a priority and teach our children the best example for working together. 

Sandragrace files for Texas Land Commissioner, First Responders and Disaster Relief, Education, Texas energy,

Energize Our Economics 

In order for Texas to sustain our economic strength and leadership in energy, it is essential that we maintain the industries, communities, and more importantly the workers that have forged the success of our Texas economy for all these years. If we plan to sustain our leadership role into the future, we must also develop innovative strategies to diversify our energy options with emerging technologies. We can build a bridge into the future and ensure that we provide educational opportunities to secure career paths for our traditional workers, so that we always maintain the hard working ethics of that workforce, and that they benefit first from any gradual transition that becomes implemented. 

We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all

We encourage a conversation with our voters. What are your concerns, your ideas, and how can we help answer any of your questions. Feel free to reach out and help make a difference. 

Reach out.