What you need to know before you vote!

Here is why you need to vote for Sandragrace Martinez. She is the only candidate speaking out for a common sense approach to our security at the border, the unfair overreach of imminent domain and care for Texans and the 

Eminent Domain: How Governor Gregg Abbott has  

The Republicans say they care about our Texas Citizens, and yet they seized the land from  from our Citizen's under Eminent domain. 150 cases are in litigation over the Trump Administration and the Republican party's seizures of private owned land. 

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February 14, 2022

$26.5 million per mile to build a border wall. 

According to the Department of Transportation the Texas-Mexico border measures a full 1254 miles.

 28 border crossings or port of entrances. It starts at a point just upstream from El Paso and Ciudad Juarez and ends at the mouth of the Rio Grande near Brownsville/Matamoros.

The border, while running in the middle of the riverbed, which is most of the time dry between El Paso and Presidio, is crossing often very inaccessible, hostile territory. The stretch between Fort Hancock and Del Rio is particularly rugged and experiences harsh desert conditions that make the building of a tall fence or wall not only impractical, it also would cut off Texas farmers and ranchers from the river. Between Presidio and Langtry, the border passes through a system of deep canyons that at places are just as wide as the riverbed.

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January 15, 2022