There is a Fork in the Road just Up Ahead.

Candidate Sandragrace Martinez is in the Run-Off to be the first Woman to ever achieve the statewide office of The Commission to the Texas General Land Office (GLO), a statewide office that predates the office of the Governorship and that no woman has ever held

Winning the lead in percentage votes to get into the run-off at 32%, with only having $ 9.00 dollars in her campaign account at one point and holding just under two-hundred dollars at the moment,  she is up against an opponent, who garnered 25% of the votes with a coffer of over a half of a million dollars at their disposal to play with. One will have to consider which candidate speaks for you and your final vote into the Run-off. 

Early voting for the Run-off begins on May 16th - 20th, with a last and final day of voting on May 24th, 2022. 

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Things to consider. 

  • How does a candidate with such little funding manage to garner most of the Votes in the State of Texas, and is it fair to to say that having an ability to yield such high results with little too no capital, make a stronger case and indication of the effective management skill level that would be beneficial for running the off of the GLO.
  • It is also worth mentioning that as of March 27th 2022,  the Sandragrace Martinez campaign has not received any endorsement from one Democrat organization or any major Newspaper in the whole state of Texas. How does that happen?

" In the end, it will always be the voters who will decide what will be." 

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Things to consider. 

  • How does a candidate with such little funding manage to garner most of the Votes in the State of Texas, and is it fair to to say that having an ability to yield such high results with little too no capital, make a stronger case and indication of the effective management skill level that would be beneficial for running the off of the GLO.
  • untapped potential just sitting there in that office, an opportunity for someone to treat it with the stewardship it could provide for our Texas citizens. We have a strong capacity to administer better care and a better quality of life with administering Veteran benifits, our children's education, disaster relief and recovery methods, and thread in better environmental requirements into job creating initiatives.

    but, for the most part, I mostly listen. The more you listen, the more you'll find that we share so many similar

    hopes for the future, and I want to bring people together. I always say, We may not have it altogether, but together, we have it all."A true grassroots campaign that plays out like a neigborhood 

Sandragrace Martinez 

for Texas Land Commissioner

Press Release

On December 13, 2021, Sandra Grace Martinez filed the required documents to become a political Candidate with the Democratic Party of Texas, running for the State-wide position of Commission of General Land Office (“GLO”), encouraged by many friends in political positions within Texas. The Authorities and duties of that position are stated in the Texas Natural Resources Code, CHAPTER 31. Sandragrace Martinez meets the requirements for that Public Office and comes with academic standing and diplomas in clinical Mental-Health, 20 years running for Municipal Offices and political networking within San Antonio, Texas, and brings Psychology and Zoom expertise that would be critical in leading the current staff and Boards at the GLO, so they operate efficiently and with good will. In addition, Sandragrace was one of only twelve students chosen to receive the first coveted Gregory Luna Fellow and Scholar award, which was created to recruit high academically proven students with the opportunities to work at the Texas Legislature ground floor, processing Bills of interest to the Texas Democratic Party and Democrat legislators.

Sandragrace is a kind, compassionate born leader, with many friends. People respond positively to her, therefore. The GLO has its mandates and Boards, but also has some discretion as to the use, sale, or purchase of State lands. Sandragrace believes that more can be done to increase the GLO’s yearly revenue, to benefit Veterans, Primary and Secondary Public Education, protection of the environment on the Coastal Plain, the Rio Grande and wherever there is still State Land within Texas, by working with the other Executive offices of Texas, to improve the lives of Texans in every County.

Presently, Sandragrace is a Candidate in the General Primary under a Democratic Party Ticket. She expects to at least get into the Run-Off. The Commission of General Land Office is perhaps the easiest of the 5 State-wide Executive offices (Governorship, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Land Commission, and the Railroad Commissioners) that the Democratic Party can orchestrate to win over, considering the large percentage of Hispanic voters in Texas. Sandragrace is authentically Spanish-English bilingual, 2nd generation Hispanic, and a highly educated woman from a family that through steadfast frugality, hard labor, much collaboration, and networking rose from poverty to owning some land on the West Side of San Antonio, Texas over a lifetime of effort. That is the Texan way to prosperity and helping others achieve the same. 

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The Gregory Luna Legislative Scholars and Fellow Award

The Senator Gregory Luna Legislative Scholars and Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for students to learn how the Texas Legislature operates and how policies are created while working side by side experienced professionals. Each student is assigned to the office of a state senator to perform a variety of legislative tasks, including legislative research summaries, bill tracking, constituent correspondence, and drafting floor statements, articles and press releases. The SHRC is committed to enhancing the advancement of educational, professional and leadership opportunities for promising students at the Texas Capitol. This is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to obtain high-level legislative experience in the Texas Legislature. The program provides invaluable experience for these budding leaders of tomorrow and can propel them on their professional career paths.