We want to thank LULAC for their wonderful acceptance, 

as we share in the beliefs of your mission. 

The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States.

We have the power to choose strong leaders who will stand up for us and our families.

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Sandragrace Martinez is a political Candidate with the Democratic Party of Texas, and we need your help in making history by electing the first bilingual Hispanic woman to the Texas Commission of the General Land Office (GLO).  This is a State-wide elected Executive position that provides funding for our Elementary and Secondary public education, Veterans benefits, producing Alternative Energy, and delivering relief to Texas when hit by a natural disaster. We have an opportunity to take this elected office and make meaningful changes that will support our children and our communities; but we are up against big money interests, so we are reaching out to you, our people, our voters, because you will decide this election. 

Sandragrace Martinez was born and raised in Bexar County, a 1st-generation Hispanic, and was one of only twelve students chosen to receive the first coveted Gregory Luna Fellow and Scholar award.  This award was created for recruiting high academically-proven Hispanic College students and providing them with the opportunities to work at the Texas Legislature ground floor. The intention behind the award was to develop and inspire more Hispanics to enter the political process and empower minority activism. Her candidacy demonstrates the Scholar award program is beginning to show signs of success. Together we can make that success real. 

When you vote to elect Sandragrace Martinez, you will be electing a Hispanic woman who understands how The System works. You will be voting for a highly educated woman who will endorse practical solutions. You will be voting for someone who will provide meaningful opportunities for woman and minorities, as it was done for her, because you will be voting for someone who has not forgotten her roots of where she came from. And you will also be voting for someone who cares about honesty and integrity. 

Early voting begins soon, and your vote will help make the difference needed to make our voices gain more leadership roles in Texas. But it will only happen if you make the time to voice your vote. We owe it to our loved ones who have passed and to our elders who've endured the harsh inequalities of the past. 

The Hispanic and Minority vote in Texas can no longer be taken for granted politically. We Hispanics must stand up for ourselves in this moment and unite for each other, and vote for a reflection of our communities values, our collective voices.  And let's change it all together, because we can, and we will. 

Vote Sandragrace Martinez for the Texas Commission of the General Land Office. The Primary election starts February 14th and ends March 1st, 2022.

" Ha llegado el dia de promover un nuevo liderzgo.

Si se puede; pero hagamoslo ya!"